Rose O’Connor is a communications professional with 20 years experience in promoting NZ Inc. She has designed itineraries for, and hosted,  international film producers and studio executives, business leaders and government officials, and international media. 

Rose’s track record in providing personalised and memorable experiences for international guests, springs from her roles at:

Education New Zealand (ENZ)

ENZ is the government agency charged with building New Zealand’s fourth-largest export industry, international education. 

As a member of ENZ’s global communications team, Rose hosted government officials, media and key opinion leaders from South East Asia, Japan and Colombia. The resulting in-market coverage raised the profile of New Zealand’s unique education offerings to students and their families, and showcased New Zealand as a great place in which to live and learn. 

NZ 2011 Office

The NZ 2011 Office was charged with delivering the Government’s aim of ensuring lasting benefits accrued to New Zealand from hosting the Rugby World Cup tournament.

As part of the NZ 2011 Office’s communications and marketing team, Rose helped promote the NZ 2011 Business Club, which brought local and international business people together during the tournament. Rose hosted media, business and VIP guests in this role.

Rocket Crew

A career highlight for Rose was her hosting of visiting film producers and studio executives during the period when the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) trilogy was being filmed. Rose’s job as Manager of Rocket Crew – the team of camera and sound professionals who shot much of the LOTR behind-the-scenes material and DVD special content features – included the hosting of several international film studio executives.